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GW Construction Interior Works
GW Construction Interior Works

It is one of the great dreams of our generation to be able to make a living without going through the hassle of the daily commute.     Thanks to the technological innovations of our times some of us can now work without going to the office, now they can  work at home on their comfy pajamas and their fluffy sleepers and their cozy home office.   Well, surely not all of us working class are blessed with the type of job that lets us work in our homes.   But it does not mean you won’t need a home office as they do.


Home office is an essential part of the home whether you work in your house or not, this is the space in your home where you can manage your expenses, plan your next vacation, or design your next renovation.    For people working in their homes, it is not advisable to work in your bedroom, or living room as there could be too much distraction that will not let you accomplish anything. Home office is very important so you can focus on your work thus accomplishing a lot.


When designing your home office it is always best to face a window or a wall that has a window.    Aside from making the room look calm, natural light will help illuminate your work place and windows will let you see your surroundings which can help when you’re thinking.   Lighting is as good as having a window to your home office as this important when working at night.    The best lighting for your home office are Warm white LED down lights, these are yellowish lights and will not strain your eyes especially that you are working.


Choose light colored table tops with wood grain accents for a more natural look.    Also, it is said that white or light colored furniture makes people more productive.    This is the same also for the temperature of the room, make sure that your home office should not be too warm or too cold, set the most comfortable temperature on your a/c to be more productive.


Make sure that you have enough drawers and bookshelves, when there is not enough drawers, people tend to have an untidy table top which is stressful to work with.    You know how much storage you need and ask your designer for more drawers than necessary.


Lastly, choose the office chair that gives you comfort and movability needed with your job.   It is always best to choose ergonomic chairs, as long hours of work may cause back pain especially with the wrong kind of chair.   Ergonomic chairs are mostly modern design so it gives you style and comfort at the same time.  Check our great collection of office chairs.


I enjoy working at home, even if I have an office by day.   This is where I do my research for my own projects, renovations, gaming or just surfing the web.   Calm, tidy and cozy, makes working a pleasurable thing to do, everyday.


You too can enjoy a great looking and comfortable home office. Just contact us anytime and one of our designers will come to help you achieve your  dream home office.