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Window Blinds

They are considered to be the must-have pieces in our home as it sets the mood of the interior space. Ever since curtains have been an ​​important fixture at home because of its ability to add accent to the interior design. The overflowing nat​ure of curtains adds a certain appeal to any home design. When used effectively, curtains provide the setting ambience and meaning to your home.


Curtains are ideal for managing and protecting your home’s privacy and restricting prying glares. Adding a barrier between you and the outside world often provides a sense of protection and adds to the security of your home. Curtains are helpful as they prevent dust from getting into your rooms.


Carpet is a luxurious and comfortable floor. There is a suitable carpet for every room in the house or office. From a soft bedroom carpet to a luxury carpet for the living room or hotel room, a practical carpet for the hallway and stairs or home office. Carpet improves the indoor climate as it retains airborne dust particles. The carpet traps the particles and keeps them trapped in the fibres until the next time of vacuum cleaning.


Wallpaper is durable, and can last over 15 years making it very cost effective. When wallpaper has been hung properly it can last three times longer than paint. If you have imperfect walls, high quality wallpaper can hide surface imperfections. Wallpaper isn’t messy to apply, and there is no risk of splatters to any of your furniture or flooring.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is essential for smooth and efficient functioning of an office. It makes office environment comfortable, pleasant and attractive. Office furniture increases work efficiency of employees. They feel comfortable to work in a pleasant environment.

Partition Panel

A partition wall is a thin wall that is constructed to divide an enclosed space. It is usually constructed as a non-load bearing wall that facilitates spatial division and provides privacy, improved acoustics, and fire separation. Partition walls also bring flexibility to the building layout.


By providing the right working environment in the office, you can even set a lazy employee to love his work. Office layout and furniture are two important factors having a fair share in building an office environment. You can set up a comfortable office for enhancing the productivity of employee.

Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are a simple and practical solution for residential and commercial buildings. In residential settings, accordion doors are perfect for closets, laundry rooms, foyers, and room dividers. In commercial buildings, they are ideal for cafeterias, meeting rooms, reception areas, and privacy dividers. Accordion doors are easy to install and solve space and separation problems.

Operable Wall

With moveable walls, project-based office layouts are possible. Your office is able to flexibly cope with evolving business demands by changing its interior structure. They produce less waste than drywall, they reduce the cost to change your space as you need to, they are mess-free to reconfigure and they allow you to maximize the value of your space.